Is The Gps Store Legit is an Authentic website, receiving a 86.6 rating from our algorithm. Established long ago, it is a high authority website that has built a reputable presence online. According to Scam Detector, Review is free from any malicious or fraudulent activities and can be trusted.

Is The Gps Store Legit is an Authentic website, receiving a 86.6 rating from our algorithm. Established long ago, it is a high authority website that has built a reputable presence online. According to Scam Detector, Review is free from any malicious or fraudulent activities and can be trusted.

The GPS Store is a legitimate and reputable company offering yachting products since 1997, according to a review by Scam Detector on They provide alternative options to mail order and Internet companies. This company is dedicated to providing quality customer service and a wide selection of yachting products.

The GPS Store, Inc. is a reliable retailer for GPS units, receiving consistently high scores over time according to reviews on Its website,, is the world's favorite source for marine electronics and accessories such as Garmin GPS units and Furuno. The GPS Store provides customers with timely replies to their inquiries.

Is GPS city a good brand?

GPS City is a good brand with no issues, as evidenced by their positive customer reviews on Trustpilot. They offer fast shipping and have a wide variety of products in stock. They are well-known for providing customers with a great shopping experience.

The GPS Store, Inc. is a reliable satellite communication provider based in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, as demonstrated by its positive rating from the Better Business Bureau® Profile. It offers a wide range of products and services related to satellite communication, making it a great option for anyone looking for reliable and quality service. It is known for providing excellent customer service and support.

The GPS Store has received positive reviews overall, with 7,794 customers satisfied with the pricing of products and services, the overall customer service, and the product shipping and delivery process. According to, many customers have had a good experience with The GPS Store and have indicated they are likely to make future purchases. Refunds are handled quickly and efficiently.

The GPS Store, Inc. offers GPS systems and marine electronics for sale, such as the Lowrance HDS-12 LIVE with full Lowrance Network Support and Genesis Live Mapping, and the Icom M330G VHF Radio with GPS, which has 25W transmit power and an external GPS receiver.

The GPS Store, Inc. is a retail store located in Ocean Isle Beach, NC that offers GPS navigation equipment and services. They have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2002 and currently have an A+ rating.

What is GPS City's rating?

GPS City has received 476 reviews, with an average rating of 4.81 stars. Customers report they had a quiet and easy experience when making purchases at this store, and many are likely to return in the future.

Is TheGPSStore legitimate?

The GPS store,, is a legitimate website where customers can find good prices on fishing equipment. One user reported that they ordered a Lowrance from the store last year with no issues.

What is Garmin doing about tech support scams?

Tech support scams are a serious issue for which Garmin is taking action. Garmin is working with law enforcement and governmental agencies to take down fraudulent websites and submit take-down requests to the domain host providers.

Can help me with yachting? is a legitimate website for yachting, supported by a credible source. It provides a secure experience and a large selection of products, and has been in business since 2000. The website is verified by the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating. has received positive reviews from customers, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Do you offer free shipping?

GPS City offers a wide range of GPS units and RAM Mount devices at competitive prices, supported by knowledgeable staff and free, speedy shipping. Reviews of their service are consistently positive, with customers praising the selection and price.

Do you sell marine electronics?

The GPS Store provides excellent marine electronics at competitive prices, according to reviews on It is a great place for anyone looking for quality products and services in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Many customers have praised the store's helpful and knowledgeable staff. GPS technologies have become increasingly important in providing navigation solutions for marine and aviation applications.

Can I get a discount?

The GPS Store offers a discount of up to 30% off with unverified codes that can be used 783 times. This is a great way to save money while shopping for the latest GPS technology.

The GPS Store is offering a 44% discount on its products through Don' until February 2023. This includes a 36% discount on the Garmin Echomap Ultra HD 94sv with Bluechart G3 Charts & Transducer, as well as a 20% discount on the Garmin Gpsmap 86sci Marine Handheld GPS.

Do you sell electronics? is an online store offering more than 60 major consumer electronics brands, with products ranging from Telecommunications and GPS to Fitness, Personal Care, and Pet Supplies. With over 944 reviews, customers have rated the store 4.3 out of 5 stars.

How can I report fraud?

The Better Business Bureau provides a platform for users to report scams and frauds. This allows the BBB to investigate and warn others of potential scams, as well as providing an opportunity to view reports submitted by other users. With over 20,000 scam reports made in the United States in 2020 alone, the BBB is an important resource for keeping consumers safe.

Can the Furuno DFF3UHD reach 15,000 feet?

The Furuno DFF3UHD 2/3kw CHIRP Fish Finder Module provides unparalleled clarity, accuracy, and resolution at depths up to 15,000 feet. It is compatible with both the Furuno NavNet TZTouch3 series and the TZT2BB, and supports Low, Medium, and High frequency ranges for optimal performance.

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