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Does Sportsman's Warehouse Sell Hunting Licenses

Sportsman's Warehouse does sell fishing licenses both online and in-store. They also offer hunting licenses, camping permits, and other outdoor recreation items. The availability of fishing licenses can be confirmed on the Sportsman's Warehouse website or by visiting one of their stores. Fishing licenses are important to ensure that the natural resources are protected and enjoyed responsibly.

Dec 28, 2022

Is Salt Strong Worth It

Salt Strong has an estimated net worth of over $344.23 thousand, according to Net Worth Spot. This net worth is attributed to the success of their fishing and outdoor lifestyle brand, which has been providing anglers with tips, products, and resources since 2017. Salt Strong also helps to promote conservation efforts in the sport of fishing, making it a popular brand among outdoor enthusiasts.

Dec 21, 2022

Can You Eat Black Drum With Worms

Yes, it is safe to eat black drum with worms present in its flesh. Worms are a sign of a healthy fish and can be eaten. According to Livings Cented, "while itís not the most appetizing sight, these worms are completely harmless". Eating black drum with worms is a common practice among anglers and provides an extra protein source.

Dec 20, 2022

Do Bass Feel Pain When Hooked

Yes, fish can feel pain when hooked, and should be treated with care and released as soon as possible. This is confirmed by research from Let's Go Fishing, which states that fish have the same neurons and receptors that humans do, and therefore can experience pain similarly to us. Studies have found that fish display behaviors associated with pain when exposed to certain stimuli.

Dec 15, 2022

Do You Need A Sinker With A Lure

Sinkers can be used with lures to make them sink deeper in the water, but it is not necessary. According to Go Enthusiast, sinkers are mainly used to weight down the line so that the lure will be more visible to fish. As such, it is up to the individual angler to decide whether or not they should add a sinker when using a lure.

Dec 10, 2022

Are Treble Hooks Legal In Washington State

Yes, treble hooks are legal in Washington for hook and line angling. According to Safe Harbor Fishing, single-point, double, or treble hooks may be used for hook and line angling, and a maximum of one line with up to three hooks per angler is allowed. It is important to note that barbless hooks are preferred for catch-and-release fishing.

Dec 7, 2022

What Size Bullet Weight For Texas Rig

The Texas Rig is an effective and versatile way to fish for bass, allowing for a slow-falling lure in shallow water using weights ranging from 1/8-ounce to 1 1/2-ounces, dependent on rate of fall, depth of the fish and thickness of cover. According to's "Texas Rig Fishing 101: All You Need To Know About The T-Rig", the 1/8-ounce weight is ideal for this purpose. Knowing the right weight to use can help anglers have a more successful fishing experience.

Dec 7, 2022

Do Salmon Bite At Night

Yes, salmon can bite at night, with night fishing being ideal for most salmon varieties except for Coho. According to Fish River Lodge, "night fishing is a great way to target Salmon" and "it increases your chances of success." It is important to note that the best time for night fishing depends on the species of salmon, with Coho being an exception as it is best fished during the day.

Nov 27, 2022

Is Kastking A Good Brand

Yes, KastKing reels are good and popular among anglers due to their affordability and quality. With their products being reliable even under harsh conditions, KastKing offers a great option for anglers who want to try new methods without breaking the bank. According to, KastKing is making waves in a good way with their high-quality products and bargain basement prices, making them a popular choice among anglers. Many of KastKing's reels also feature corrosion-resistant materials, making them ideal for use in saltwater environments.

Nov 25, 2022

What Does Bowfin Taste Like

Bowfin caviar is a great option for those looking for a firm, tangy, and earthy flavor. It dates back thousands of years and is a traditional staple in the American South. According to Euro Food Seattle, it is an excellent source of protein, calcium, vitamin B12, selenium, and magnesium. Bowfin caviar is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining cardiovascular health.

Nov 22, 2022

Are False Albacore Good To Eat

Eating albacore fake is not considered to be a good idea, as the flesh of false albacore is dark and coarse in texture, making them a "rough" fish that is not typically consumed. According to, false albacore are not typically thought of as good to eat. False albacore are not as high in omega-3 fatty acids as other fish species, making them less desirable for consumption.

Nov 15, 2022

Smallmouth Buffalo Lone Star Lake

The best way to catch smallmouth buffalo in Lone Star Lake is to use a combination of baits or lures, such as worms, crayfish, artificial lures, or spinnerbaits. Anglers should also pay attention to the water depth and current, as this will determine the best fishing spots. According to Tricky Fish, using the correct technique can greatly improve the chances of catching smallmouth buffalo. In addition, smallmouth buffalo feed on insects, so anglers should use fly fishing techniques when appropriate.

Nov 10, 2022

Do You Use A Sinker With A Spinner

Spinners can be an effective trolling lure for trout if the right techniques are used, such as adding weight to keep the lure low. According to, the five best spinners for trout include the Panther Martin Classic, Blue Fox Vibrax, Mepps Aglia, Rooster Tail Spinner, and Acme Kastmaster. Spinners can be used in combination with other baits to target larger fish.

Nov 10, 2022

Is Pickerel The Same As Walleye

Walleye and pickerel are two different fishes belonging to the same family, the pike family. Walleyes are freshwater perciform fishes while pickerels are not related to walleyes but they still belong to the same family. According to, walleye and pickerel have some differences in terms of appearance, habitat, and behavior.

Nov 10, 2022

How Long Can Bass Stay Out Of Water

Bass can survive out of water for up to several hours if handled correctly, according to When catching a bass, it is important to avoid squeezing its body or removing the slime coat that protects it from bacteria and parasites. Bass typically have an oxygen reserve stored in their swim bladder which helps them survive in low oxygen conditions.

Nov 4, 2022

Palomar Knot For Braided Line

The Palomar knot is a simple, reliable knot for tying a braided line to a hook or lure. To tie the knot, start by threading the line through the eye of the hook, then tie an overhand knot around the standing line, leaving a long tail. The tail is then passed through the loop of the overhand knot and pulled tight. According to Guerrilla Fly Fishing, this knot is strong and has been tested to hold up to 95 pounds of pull.

Nov 1, 2022

Ugly Stik Gx2 Line Weight

The Ugly Stik GX2 is the better choice for heavy weight applications, with its 50 lb line rating and Ugly Tech material for toughness and durability. According to, the GX2 offers increased sensitivity and balance compared to the Elite model. The GX2 is equipped with a stainless steel guides which are resistant to corrosion and provide smooth line flow.

Oct 26, 2022

Biggest Black Sea Bass Ever Caught

The Giant Black Sea Bass is an impressive species, capable of growing up to 7 feet long and weighing over 700 pounds. According to the National Park Service, the largest one ever caught by a sport fisherman with rod and reel weighed 563 pounds and was found off of Anacapa Island in 1968. During spawning season, females are capable of producing up to 60 million eggs.

Oct 23, 2022

Do You Use Sinkers With Lures

Yes, you can use sinkers with lures but it is not necessary. The main purpose of a sinker is to weight down your line so that your lure will sink deeper into the water. If youíre using a light lure, however, you may not need a sinker at all. According to, ďThe use of sinkers with lures depends on the type of lure and the depth or target fish species youíre fishing for.Ē It is important to consider the type of lure and the species of fish when deciding whether or not to use a sinker.

Oct 22, 2022

San Luis Reservoir Dinosaur Point

Dinosaur Point is an ideal observing site for astronomy, located on the shore of the San Luis Reservoir in California, offering chemical toilets, a pay phone, potable water, barbecue grills, and picnic tables. According to the Astronomy Connection website, the area has a large paved parking lot near the boat ramp. The dark skies of this rural area provide excellent conditions for observing light pollution-sensitive astronomical phenomena.

Oct 19, 2022

Is Lunkerhunt A Good Brand

Lunkerhunt has successfully diversified its tackle range beyond lures, with the addition of tackle storage products to its Avid range, as seen with two ICAST freshwater bait awards in the last four years. According to Angling International, the Canadian company has expanded its offering to include a wide selection of soft and hard baits for anglers across the world. Tackle storage products are becoming increasingly popular for anglers, as they provide a convenient and organized way to store and transport equipment.

Oct 16, 2022

Is Public Lands Website Legit

It is safe to use for online business, as it has been reviewed by Scam Detector and has no signs of being fraudulent. Users should always be aware of potential signs of online scams, and take the necessary precautions when engaging in any online business. It is important to remember that even the best businesses may have occasional complaints and unhappy customers.

Oct 10, 2022

Freshwater Drum Good To Eat

Freshwater Sheepshead Fish is safe to eat and can be a tasty addition to any meal. According to FishingIsEasy, these fish are known for their mild taste and firm texture, making them a popular choice for many anglers. They can be prepared in a variety of ways, including baking, frying, and grilling. It is important to note that freshwater sheepshead are bottom-dwellers, so care should be taken to avoid consuming any contaminants present in the water where they were caught.

Oct 9, 2022

Mono Backing To Braid Knot

The John Collins or Royal Polaris knot is the best way to connect a braided line to mono leader or backing. By forming a loop in the mono leader and bringing the tag end of the braid over it, the knot can be securely tied. According to CAST and SPEAR, the John Collins or RP knot is one of the most reliable knots for braided line connections. It is important to use a strong knot such as the John Collins or RP knot to ensure a secure connection and avoid line breaks.

Oct 5, 2022

Worm And Bobber Set Up

Setting up a bobber and worm is an effective way to catch more trout in California lakes and ponds. When preparing for a fishing trip, one should make sure to bring a backpack, spinning reel, fishing line, and the appropriate trout hooks. Worms are the best bait option and should be attached to the hook with care. With the right preparation and knowledge, one can have an enjoyable and successful fishing experience.. California has recently implemented a trout stocking program that has increased trout populations in many of its lakes and ponds.

Oct 3, 2022

Is Public Lands Legit

Public Lands is a safe and legit website, as confirmed by Scam Adviser who gave it a score of 100 out of 100. This is a rare result as most websites only get 90 out of 100. Public Lands offers users a secure platform for purchasing outdoor gear and apparel, with a wide range of products available at competitive prices. The website provides customers with a detailed size guide and multiple payment methods, making it an ideal choice for those looking to purchase outdoor gear online.

Sep 26, 2022

Is Huk A Good Brand

The Huk Great Shoe is the ideal choice for those looking for a convenient and appropriate shoe, as it fits true to size and offers great quality. According to customer reviews on, the shoe is well-liked for its durability and comfort. The sole is designed with a special material that offers excellent cushioning and support, making the shoe suitable for long-term wear. The mesh upper ensures breathability and helps keep feet cool and dry.

Sep 24, 2022

Are Pike Minnows Good To Eat

Yes, you can eat pike, as they are abundant in North America and are good to eat. Their small size and high quantities of bones make them difficult to clean before cooking, making them a hassle for many people. According to, pike can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as baking, grilling, or steaming, and should be cooked until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Pike minnows are known to have high omega-3 fatty acid content, making them a healthy fish choice.

Sep 24, 2022

Do Smallmouth Bass Taste Good

Smallmouth bass can be a tasty and enjoyable fish to eat, depending on how they are prepared. They generally have a mild to heavy fishy taste and are not as highly rated as other fish varieties such as cod, trout, or salmon. Handling smallmouth bass is safe, although they have small teeth that can cause minor abrasions. According to Hooked in Fishing, smallmouth bass are a popular freshwater gamefish that can be found in streams, rivers, and lakes across the United States.

Sep 24, 2022

When To Set The Hook

Setting a hook is essential for catching more fish, and should be done after a bite has been indicated. To do this, wait until the bobber is fully submerged before reeling in, although this may vary depending on the type of bait or lure being used. provides helpful advice on how to set a hook and start catching more fish. The size of the hook should be adjusted according to the type of fish being targeted, as the size of the hook can have an impact on the success rate of catching a fish.

Sep 16, 2022