How Do Xtratuf Boots Fit

XTRATUF boots generally fit true to size, but given that they dont come in half sizes, those who are a half size should go up a size. According to BootsPys Ultimate Guide to XTRATUF Boot Sizing, available on, the style of boot chosen does affect the overall fit. XTRATUF offers a variety of different styles of boots.

How Do Xtratuf Boots Fit

XTRATUF boots generally fit true to size, but given that they don't come in half sizes, those who are a half size should go up a size. According to BootsPy's Ultimate Guide to XTRATUF Boot Sizing, available on, the style of boot chosen does affect the overall fit. XTRATUF offers a variety of different styles of boots.

What discounts does XTRATUF® offer?

XTRATUF® offers discounts for active troops and their families, as well as bulk orders of boots and shoes. According to the XTRATUF website, a 25% discount is available via phone orders and bulk discounts are available for large orders of boots and shoes. It is important to note that the discounts from XTRATUF® may vary depending on location and availability.

How do I choose the right boot size?

Choosing the right boot size is essential to ensure comfort and avoid damage. According to XTRATUF®, individuals should select a boot size that allows for room in the toe box and prevents heel slip. For those who are a half size, it is recommended to order the next size up. It is important to note that feet will become longer, flatter, and wider when under load.

Who are XTRATUF?

XTRATUF is an Alaskan company that provides a range of comfortable, safe and durable socks to help protect those working in extreme conditions. According to the XTRATUF Size Chart provided by, customers can easily find the right boot size for their needs. XTRATUF also offers a range of other products including boots, gloves, and accessories to help keep feet warm and dry.

How should my boots fit?

Your boots should fit snugly but comfortably with no pinching or rubbing. According to The Vintage Future on YouTube, the heel should be firmly held in the boot, and you should have just enough room to wiggle your toes. Make sure that the length of the boot is appropriate for your foot size to ensure maximum comfort.

Xtratuf boots honest opinion. Worth the hype?

Yes, Xtratuf boots are worth the hype. According to BOOTSontheGROUND YouTube channel, these boots offer excellent traction and durability. They also come with a variety of features to help keep your feet comfortable and protected. With their strong construction and reliable design, Xtratuf boots are an ideal choice for those looking for a quality boot that will last.

Are XTRATUF boots too large?

A size 10 1/2 person found that a size 11 pair of XTRATUF insulated boots were too large, even with two pairs of socks on, so they gave them to a friend as a birthday present. It seems that sizing down when buying XTRATUF boots is necessary, as the same was true for a pair of Gill boots.

Xtratuf rubber fishing boots provide excellent slip-resistance and traction, making them ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and working on wet surfaces. According to Honest Brand Reviews, Xtratuf boots are made with a chevron outsole that helps the wearer stay secure and reduce the risk of slipping. Xtratuf boots are designed with comfort in mind and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Should I buy a larger size for XTRATUF boots?

XTRATUF boots tend to run narrow, so it is recommended to buy a size up with thick socks for a comfortable fit. According to XTRATUF Size Chart: Ultimate Guide to XTRATUF Boots published on WebOct 5, 2022, wearing a close-fitting boot with thick socks might cause tightness. Buying a size up is also a good idea if the wearer falls in between sizes.

The XTRATUF® Web Size Chart provides a comprehensive guide to finding the right size footwear for your feet. It features detailed measurements for men, women, and children to ensure a perfect fit. The chart also offers width sizing information to help you make an informed decision when selecting your shoes.

Do you recommend Xtratuf Legacy boots?

Dave tested Xtratuf Legacy 15" boots and found that they are a great choice for hard-working outdoor activities. These rubber boots are well-suited for paddling, portaging, and playing in any weather conditions.

How to measure feet for XTRATUF?

Measuring your feet correctly is essential for getting the right fit when purchasing XTRATUF boots and shoes, as outlined in their Boot and Shoe Size Guide. According to the guide, it involves placing a piece of paper on the ground and standing on it with your weight slightly forward to ensure that your foot is flat, tracing the outline of your foot onto the paper and measuring the length and width of your foot using a ruler. Different brands may have slightly different sizing, so it is important to check the size chart for each individual product.

Do you sell Xtratuf boots?

Xtratuf is a company that specializes in producing high-quality boots for both men and women. Their products are highly rated with over 117 results available on Amazon, ranging in size and color with prices to match. The popular Xtratuf 6" Ankle Deck Boot for women has received an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars from 273 reviews. The Xtratuf Women's 15 Inch Salmon Sisters Legacy Boot comes in an Octopus Print and size 11.

Do XTRATUF Ankle Deck Boots provide comfort?

The XTRATUF Ankle Deck Boot is designed to provide comfort and durability for a variety of activities. It features an adjustable, waterproof gusset to ensure a secure fit and comes in three colors: Navy/Red, Gray, and Brown. The brand suggests ordering up a half size if you are in between sizes.

Do fishermen wear XTRATUF boots?

The XTRATUF Ankle Deck Boot is a wide-fitting boot specifically designed for fishermen who stand for long periods of time at sea. It is constructed with reinforced uppers in high-wear areas such as the heel and toe, and features an EVA/PU blend insole to provide cushioning and support.

Do these boots provide comfort?

The Xtratuf Women's Wheelhouse 6 Inch Ankle Deck Boot is a durable, comfortable boot designed for all-day comfort while standing on the sea. It features a wider fit to accommodate feet that swell during long periods of standing, as well as reinforced toes and heels for increased durability.

Do the Ankle Deck Boots fit both genders?

XTRATUF's Ankle Deck Boots are designed to fit both men and women, however their size chart is slightly off, with a men's size 9 equivalent to a women's size 10. For this reason, women who normally wear a size 9.5/10 should order a men's size 9 for the best fit.

Do you offer half sizes?

XTRATUF does not offer half sizes for most of their rubber boots and boat shoes, so it is recommended to order up if you typically wear a half size. For example, if you usually wear a Men's size 10.5, it is advised to order a Men's size 11, and if you wear a Women's 9.5, ordering a size 10 is recommended.

Can active troops get a discount?

XTRATUF offers a 25% discount to active troops and their families on their website, This discount is a great way for troops and their families to save on the essential footwear XTRATUF provides for active lifestyles. XTRATUF provides a helpful FAQ page to answer any questions customers may have about the product or the discount.

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